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You asked. We delivered. Our automated placement tracker empowers you to increase awareness, improve closing rates, and manage your funnel.

Customer Relationships


It’s your universe, own it! Get a bird’s eye view of all of your accounts so you can plan your visits and keep your brands top of mind. With all of your contacts and activities in one place, it has never been easier to sell more liquid.


Commitment to fulfillment starts with communication. Recapping new placements, visits, promotions, and account issues with distributors is simple with Lilypad. Closing the gap between placement and fulfillment means everyone wins.

Cross Tier Communication
Activity Management & Execution


The most streamlined and motivational way to manage field execution without slowing down your team. Customize account visits, tasks, and more to track your progress in real-time.


Dispersed, but not alone. Lilypad brings your team together to promote a winning culture in the field. We make it easy to share best practices, motivate your team, and keep everyone up to date on the most important company initiatives.

Collaborate & Motivate

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Switching to a new CRM may seem like a daunting task, leaving suppliers hesitant to do so with such a high volume of account contacts and associated data. Lilypad offers a convenient workaround with its account data import tool, streamlining the account contact migration process. This feature simplifies

For our latest Drinking Buddies, we sat down with North Carolina's Oaklore Distilling Company to discuss their brand and future plans.
Improve your alcohol sales and empower your team with a dedicated CRM for alcohol sales. Fintech's Lilypad can elevate your sales team.

Bev alc suppliers are in a competitive space, fighting for every inch of shelf space across every account they can find. In today’s market, enlisting the help of various alcohol technology platforms is instrumental for success. These technologies help suppliers streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences and maintain