brewbound live winter 2022


It was amazing to be in Santa Monica, CA for the Brewbound Live Winter 2022. What struck us the most is how engaged, open, and committed attendees were to connect and share their knowledge in a casual, yet supportive, atmosphere. This 2-day conference was full of fun and inspiration with a great line-up of speakers and sessions spanning from modern consumer values to beer trends/opportunities and management imperatives – all of which are constantly reshaping the future of the beer space.

As a sponsor, Fintech was part of this awesome experience and we are so grateful for those of you who were able to stop by our booth. It was a blast learning more about your business and the new things you are looking to achieve in the future. Thank you! If you missed the event, don’t fret. Let us help you stay in the know with our Brewbound Live Winter 2022 recap.


A Huge Shoutout to the Brewbound Pitch Slam Winner 2023


During the event, one of the most highlighted sessions was the Brewbound Pitch Slam competition, which provided a stage for inspiring, emerging startups to showcase their products and pitch their brand story to a panel of visionary pundits for a chance to claim the #1 spot. Competition, of course, was fierce. Yet the New York City-based hard coconut water maker Sunboy came in first with a story that passionately captured the biggest trends in today’s fast-paced market: ready-to-drink, better-for-you, lower sugar, and lower alcohol.

By the same token, it’s also worth congratulating other finalists who made it far in the competition and impressed the audience with their creative designs and powerful stories. These were High Seas Mead, Primary Colors Brewing, RationAle Brewing, Rincon Reservation Road Brewery, and Shoal Draft Cider.


Growth Starts with Competitive Data – Leading Change with Fintech


Brian Dillon, our competitive market analysis expert, also took the stage to give attendees a discussion on Competitive Market Data: The What, Why, and YTD Trends. Brian navigated key complexities pertaining to the fragmented 3-tier alcohol distribution system, highlighting drivers of change as well as the need to rely on competitive data to anticipate unseen trends and drive meaningful growth.

Here are 5 takeaways you need to pay close attention to:

  • Poor alignment of beverage alcohol POS data and supply chain data is hindering growth across the 3-tier network
  • Consumer preferences evolve at a faster pace and adapting to their needs, values, and expectations helps you outpace competitors and grow faster
  • Efficient management of inventory is a must in today’s dynamic market to help safeguard profitability
  • Leveraging competitive data is key to staying on top of the latest consumer trends and ensuring supply and demand alignment
  • Fintech is now leading change across the 3-tier network with a greater focus on market data and delivering actionable insights to the field

As part of the discussion, Brian dove into IRI-backed data to give the audience a better understanding of what’s happening in the beer space, identifying top performers at a category level.

To learn more about those trends, feel free to download our infographic.


Until Next Time


We are so grateful for the awesome time we had connecting with you, sharing valuable ideas, and learning more about the industry in a positive atmosphere full of fun and inspiration. But in case you missed us, we are still glad to learn more about you and work together to help you achieve your business goals. As we wrap things up, it’s your turn to learn more about our competitive market data and analytics solution and how it can help you drive growth with data at the forefront.

Built in exclusive alliance with IRI, our Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) delivers off-premise retail chain scan data to help you extract actionable insights, explore new business possibilities, and ultimately propel your growth to new heights.

If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact us. This is your chance to start building a new path toward data-driven growth in the beverage alcohol industry.

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