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See what Fintech’s affordable payment and data solutions can do for your beverage alcohol business.

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Used by one in every four retailers to automate alcohol invoice payments and data processes.

Spend less time prepping cash or checks for delivery and more time focusing on your customers with solutions that automate compliance, speed up deliveries, and bring visibility to your entire beverage alcohol category.

With Fintech’s payment solution you can:

  • Pay all your alcohol distributors with secure, touch-free payments
  • Eliminate the handling of checks or cash for alcohol deliveries
  • Limit the time your delivery driver’s truck is in your parking lot, by an average of 15 minutes!
  • Automate regulatory compliance per the terms of your invoice (and avoid the dreaded no-sale list)
  • Streamline reconciliation and receive credits from your distributors online
  • Integrate line-item invoice data directly into your back-office system (Fintech integrates with Modisoft, Quickbooks AccountsFlow, Restaurant365, Scultpure, PDI, and more!)

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